Iftaar celebrations begin with the best!

A traditional bohri thaal - home cooked and hosted by Rizwana and Authenticook.


Splendidly surprised at Kargo.

It was a Saturday evening and time for me to meditate by eating some good food. This time I was confused between Effingut (my favorites) and Kargo. Had read a lot about Kargo and decided to check it out. So a new place and some new experiences, and I was all excited and looking forward.... Continue Reading →

Michael will travel for food.

This is my second edition of ‘Will travel for food’ and have featured a great friend and my husband’s colleague Michael Cianciosi in this. Michael had recently visited India and it happened to be his first visit. Here is a chat about his travel and food experiences. Michael is a 26 year old lad and... Continue Reading →


Breakfast time at Dinshaws Xpress Café

After my first visit to Dinshaws for their lunch menu review, I was lucky to be invited for the next in line breakfast menu review. I reached the place really late compared to my regular breakfast timing and so was really hungry and excited about trying out their breakfast items. As we reached there, Ishita... Continue Reading →


Banana Cake – perfect tea time recipe.

Was wondering what to do with all the bananas that have gone black on the outer skin due to the heat. Didn’t want to waste them and hence decided to bake something in the oven after long. It was the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padva and hence decided to go eggless with a caramelized banana... Continue Reading →


Dinshaw’s Xpress Café dishing out Parsi bhonu.

A great new place in Pune Koregaon Park dishing out some amazingly tasty Parsi cuisine and some great desserts as well.


Dr. Hari will travel for food.

Given my passion and interest for travel and food, I am starting this new edition on ‘Will travel for food’. This new section will feature different people that I meet during my travel who share the same interests on travel, food or both. Hope you enjoy. Got a chance to catch up with Dr. Hari... Continue Reading →


The place to BE-errr.

While our weekend was to end on a Sunday, we decided to go for dinner with a couple of friends. Decided to go to Effingut, Koregaon Park. After reading so many reviews on a PEO (a food group on Facebook) and seeing the amazing food and cocktail recommendations, we chose the place for our Sunday... Continue Reading →


The unknown Flamingos of Bhigwan.

Saturday was family time and so wrapped up all our daily chores and headed out by 9.15 am to go to a fort called Sinhagad. Just as we were about to reach the highway to take the detour to Sinhagad, we changed our mind due to some thoughts and decided to go to Bhigwan. Bhigwan... Continue Reading →


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