The place to BE-errr.

While our weekend was to end on a Sunday, we decided to go for dinner with a couple of friends. Decided to go to Effingut, Koregaon Park. After reading so many reviews on a PEO (a food group on Facebook) and seeing the amazing food and cocktail recommendations, we chose the place for our Sunday Funday dinner.

The lovely décor as we entered
The lovely décor as we entered

On entering Effingut, I got the feel of an old style English pub and totally loved the wooden style décor. We were so famished that we decided to jump on to the menu directly and ordered our starters and drinks which consisted of Beer Rock, Classic Beer, Watermelon Martini and a brandy with hot water for one of us who was down with a bad throat. Our starters were Cheese Jalapeno Crackers, Paneer Tikka and Chicken Thecha Kebab.

Cheese Jalapeno Crackers served with some finger licking cheesy dip were just yummy and had the stringy cheese consistency which proved that there was enough cheese in each cracker. It was so yummy that I licked off all the cheesy dip with my finger forgetting that there were other people around.

Absolutely delectable chicken thecha kebab
Absolutely delectable chicken thecha kebab

Paneer Tikka was a classic and the paneer was melt in the mouth unlike other places where we often get to eat rubbery Paneer. The spice was also great.

Then came the Chicken Thecha Kebab which we had gone if for after a recommendation from a fellow foodie. The kebab was mind blowing and just loved the soft melt in the mouth chicken and the masala added to it. Totally authentically Maharashtrian and the spice was ooooooo spicy, yet enjoyed it. We also ordered for a Naan along with it and rolled up each kebab in a Naan with some cut onion and mint chutney to polish off the entire starter.

The variety of beer
The variety of beer

We also requested for a beer taster palate and were shocked to taste so many different kinds of beers. I am personally not a big beer fan but the different concoctions were too good. Also made us realize how each beer can be different from the other just like the different wines we have.

After polishing off our starters and drinks, we decided to have our mains. We first thought of going in for Italian or Thai but then we saw a steward going past us with a huge delicious hot Naan and that made us change our mind to stick to India food.

Diwani handi is a good combo and can be shared by two
Diwani handi is a good combo and can be shared by two

We ordered Diwani Handi which was mildly spiced and was served with some fragrant rice and two mini wheat rotis. We ordered some extra garlic naan to go with it. We also ordered Kheema Pao which we were disappointed with since it was a bit sweet for our palate and also the meat in it was not well cooked and was rubbery. Also the Kheema Pao was not served with the authentic Pao- it was served with a bun which was a turn off for me.

Normally we are full after having our mains but this time, we decided to keep some space for deserts and ordered for the sizzling brownie with ice cream which was a food bomb. So very yummilious to the core that we went ahead and ordered another one too and religiously finished every bit of runny liquid on the sizzling plate.

We enjoyed our dinner and surely glad we made the choice to go to Effingut for our Sunday soiree.

Effingut, Koregaon Park

Food: 4 stars

Ambience: 4.5 stars

Cost: 3.5 stars


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