Dinshaw’s Xpress Café dishing out Parsi bhonu.

Two years in Mumbai and I loved the various Parsi and Iranian food café culture mainly because we get to relish dishes like Paatrani Macchi, Fried Chicken, Pulao, Salli Chicken and the very favorite – caramel custard.  When we moved back to Pune, I had these cravings for Parsi food now and then which I used to make it a point to visit some of the famous outlets.

One afternoon while I was dreaming about my food plan for the week, I got a call from my friend Amit who connected me to Ishita on visiting Dinshaw’s Xpress Café in Koregaon Park. The moment I heard that the cuisine is going to be Parsi, I jumped up to the opportunity to visit the place.

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As we entered the café on Sunday noon, we were welcomed by Vivek and Ishita. The ambience had a modern twist to the traditional Parsi/Iranian’s café – more color and posters.

IMG_9800 (640x480)

The  special menu for the day looked yummilicious and I eagerly waited to write out each of the dish.







We started out with Chicken Farcha – an authentic Parsi styled fried chicken. It was steaming hot, served with some mint yoghurt dip and some pickled salad. The coating had this thin yet crispy crust, perfectly seasoned and flavoured.

IMG_9802 (640x480)

The chicken was definitely well cooked. May be just one feedback would be that a few pieces were a bit dry due to overcooking. But overall it is definitely a must have dish at Dinshaw’s Xpress Café.

IMG_9804 (640x480)

The next in line was a cheesy garlic bread. HMMMMMM…I just kept saying this while eating it. I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish more than one but as you start eating it, it gets addictive.Loved the crispiness and also the taste of the cheese and the butter as a mixture. The edges of the bread were really crisp and the center flavoured with cheese, butter, herbs…a HMM HMMM combination.

IMG_9805 (640x480)

We then went in next for the Kheema Ghotala with Pav. This was served in a miniature kadhai and the kheema was topped with an egg and baked in the kadhai. The kheema masala was spiced well and went really well with the soft buttered pav. Happy that they buttered the pav. The kheema was also cooked well and was soft.



Chicken Dhansak – the most sought out dish was waiting for us to pounce on. The gravy of the dhansak was lovely – we could get taste the lentils and every spice in it was added to the requirement. The pieces of chicken were succulent and cooked well. The rice served with the gravy was seasoned well and was garnished with some crispy fried onion.

IMG_9810 (640x480)

After all this, I wondered if I would be able to manage to have desserts. After seeing some of the desserts being dished out to neighboring tables, I decided to make some space for “The Chocolate Toffee Turtle”. I dug up the spoon through the layers and picked my first bite filled with the saltiness of the peanut butter, , the sweetness of the ice-cream, chocolate and the crispiness of the caramelized peanuts. Dinshaw’s Xpress Café surely has some superb desserts and I think I have another visit due to just have their desserts dance in my stomach.

An overall great place with great food for all age groups. It has a good mix of cuisines and definitely worth the money.



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