Michael will travel for food.

This is my second edition of ‘Will travel for food’ and have featured a great friend and my husband’s colleague Michael Cianciosi in this. Michael had recently visited India and it happened to be his first visit. Here is a chat about his travel and food experiences.

Michael is a 26 year old lad and is a Sport Scientist by profession. He hails from Melbourne Australia and is proud of Melbourne. He has been lucky enough to see a little bit of the world, thanks to the company he works for. He loves travelling and whenever he gets the time, Michael makes sure that he is on a plane to visit a country he has never seen before.

Michael exploring the Agra Fort

What do you like to do when you are not at work?
I enjoy playing different sports, camping and hanging out with friends.

Do you like to cook at home, or prefer to eat out?
During the week I prefer eating at home. I like to eat out at least 1 night a week though.

Being an Italian and having lived in Australia, what is the best about the food culture of both the countries?
I am a little bit biased because my background is Italian but to me the best food in the world comes from Italy. Melbourne has such a diverse food culture and it’s great. The diversity comes from the migration of of so many different cultures to Australia over the generations Italians, Greeks, Macedonians, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and several Arabic countries just to name a few. Having so many different cultures in one city means you can find the best of all cuisines somewhere within the city or inner city suburbs.

Where are your favorite places to go and try new food in Australia?
Food truck parks are starting to become very common in Melbourne. You basically go to a park and there will be several trucks serving all different type of cuisines you can pick and choose a few little meals from each.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?
When I went to Vietnam 2 years ago with my girlfriend we tried Crocodile. It tasted like a mixture of fish and chicken and it surely wasn’t a taste to my palette. Will never choose to eat it again period.

During your recent visit to India, which cities did you visit and what all food did you try for the first time?
I got the chance to visit Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. I tried so many different things for the first time like the wada pav – I ended up eating a couple of them in just a matter of minutes. I also had some amazing black lentils which is called Dal Makhani which I just loved. Dosa is now my all-time favorite. When I visited Delhi, I also had some amazing butter Naan and Butter Chicken – simply yumm.

Is there one Indian food you love so much you just order it again and again?

With his favorite guide who was full of information and facts about the Taj Mahal.

How would you best describe the food culture in India?
Very tasty with so many different options all the time!

Which is the next place you would like to visit in India and why?
I would love to spend some time in GOA. I have heard a lot of good things during my time in India and also I have heard good things from people all around the world about Goa.

Thank you for sharing you experiences on travel and food on my blog and it was surely a treat reading up.


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