I grew up as a kid whose parents used to have long discussions the previous evening on what should be my breakfast the next day morning and what will go in my dabba/lunch box for school. My dad used to rule the Sunday’s at my home kitchen where I used to be his assistant chef who used to cut, chop, etc. Then I used to hide off and sleep late in my blanket thinking that he will not give me the work. Nevertheless, I was always given the chopping work no matter what time I woke up. And today I am glad that my dad passed on his cooking and food skills to me.

The long discussions with my Dad on what dish goes with which accompaniment and which new restaurant has opened in town used to be the only long discussions we used to have. And a cooking show Khaana Khazana and the series ‘The Foodie’ was the only show we used to watch together.

Travel was something that I took interest to once I learnt about the different cuisines and cultures. My love for food has made me want to venture out more and take up to travel. Venu – my best friend, lover and now husband – has always been ready for my adventurous travel and food cravings.

I dedicate this blog and all that I write about food, travel and me to these important people in my life. And thank them for bearing my moody cravings for food and travel.

I hope to share a lot with you all through this blog. Things that will interest you and also make you laugh. Hope you enjoy them as much as I will enjoy typing ’em on.


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